Small Step Webinars

Below is a list of all the currently available webinars that have been produced by Keynetix and are now available for viewing.

Each of the webinars have been presented twice, once for the UK market and a second time for the US market.

Please click on the link below to see a list of upcoming webinars that anyone with a valid maintenance agreement is welcome to attend.

Keynetix Partner Webinars

Webinar - Chemtest and HoleBASE SI Integration

Webinar Archive

2016 Series 1 - February - July 2016

Webinar 1 - Maximise the Value of your Geotechnical Data Archive Using HoleBASE SI
Webinar 2 - The Power of Table Linking in HoleBASE SI
Webinar 3 - Streamlining your Data Entry Using the Data Entry Module
Webinar 4 - Geotechnical Sections and Strips in AutoCAD Civil 3D
Webinar 5 - Introduction to KeyLAB Management Reports
Webinar 6 - Mastering Charts in HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel
Webinar 7 - How to incorporate photographs into your HoleBASE SI Reports
Webinar 8 - Supercharge your mapping
Webinar 9 - Top Tips for Geological Modelling
Webinar 10 - The Import Golden Rule of Data Entry - Get someone else to do it!
Webinar 11 - Data Mining with HoleBASE SI
Webinar 12 - Exploiting XYZ points and surfaces in AutoCAD Civil 3D
Webinar 13 - Using Map Styles in HoleBASE SI
Webinar 14 - Mastering Electronic Scheduling
Webinar 15 - What are HoleBASE SI Configuration Packs and How Should I Use Them?
Webinar 16 - The HoleBASE SI Beginners Guide to Expressions
Webinar 17 - What's new in HoleBASE SI Release 1-30-X and Extensions?
Webinar 18 - What's new in KeyLAB Release 2-6-X?
Webinar 19 - The fundamentals of Section production in AutoCAD Civil 3D

2016 Series 2 - September - October 2016

Webinar 20 - Maximising the use of Instrument and Monitoring Data in HoleBASE SI
Webinar 21 - Designing Worksheets and Reports for your Laboratory
Webinar 22 - Top Tips for using Template Studio UK Config Pack
Webinar 23 - Getting Started with the Excel Extension
Webinar 24 - Hidden Features of AutoCAD Civil 3D uncovered

2017 Series 1 - March - April 2017

Webinar 25 - Getting Started with Template Studio
Webinar 26 - Fence Diagrams and Layer Management in AutoCAD Civil 3D
Webinar 27 - Managing Equipment in KeyLAB
Webinar 28 - What's New in HoleBASE SI Extension for Civil 3D Part II
Webinar 29 - Streamlining the use of Chemical Data

2017 Series 2 - June - July 2017

Webinar 30 - Whats new in HoleBASE and KeyLAB
Webinar 31 - Paging and Pivot Tables - Advanced Techniques in the Excel Extension
Webinar 32 - How Swim Lane Diagrams Can Improve your SI Process
Webinar 33 - An Overview of Calculating Volumes in AutoCAD Civils

2017 Series 3 - September - October 2017

Webinar 34 - Using and Designing Quick Sections and Site Plans in HoleBASE SI
Webinar 35 - Description Building using Quick Lists and Advanced Description Builder
Webinar 36 - Scheduling Reports and Analysis in HoleBASE SI
Webinar 37 - Measures and Invoices in KeyLAB
Webinar 38 - Downloading AGS data and Additional Datasets from the BGS

Series 4 - 2018

Webinar 39 - Speeding up the Steps for Creating and Producing your Templates
Webinar 40 - Protecting Your Data and Controlling Your Work Flow
Webinar 41 - Maximising the use of Custom Strips throughout the life of a Project
Webinar 42 - Latest features for modelling Geology in AutoCAD Civil 3D
Webinar 43 - A week in the life of a Sample
Webinar 44 - Managing your Project in Bitesize Chunks
Webinar 45 - Importing Data – Solutions throughout your Supply Chain
Webinar 46 - Recording and Maintaining Geological Classifications
Webinar 47 - and Further Improvements to Data Flow Throughout Your Supply Chain
Webinar 48 - Template Studio Back to Basics – Why doesn’t my data show on my Logs
Webinar 49 - Back to Basics - The Civils Extension
Webinar 50 - The Big One - 50 Top Tips
Webinar 51 - Back to Basics with the Excel Extension
Webinar 52 - How to Empower your Site Investigation – Before any Data is Even Collected
Webinar 53 - Back to Basics with Monitoring installations

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